frequently asked questions


Lizzy and The Gentlemen are a classy, eclectic and talented group of musicians based on the Cote D’Azur. 

All professionally trained and accomplished in our own right, we come together to perform a vast variety of styles spanning many different genres including jazz, soul and acoustic pop.

This musicality, originality and flexibility of our musicians allows us to move seamlessly between all styles and genres creating the perfect atmosphere for a special event, be it a wedding, private party or corporate event.


Which band should I choose?

We work in a ‘pick n mix’ style (remember those delicious `choose what you like`and fill up your bag, sweet shops!) You start with Lizzy and you then choose which accompanying instruments would best suit your event.

How long do you play for?

We perform for up to 2.5hrs of live music spread over a maximum of 4hrs unless otherwise requested.

What songs do you play?

We are happy to tailor make our current playlist to suit your event.

What happens in your break?

During any short breaks in live music, we can provide a suitable backing track which will be transitioned seamlessly. We are also happy to play a playlist given to us by the client through our sound system during the short pauses in live music.

Whats included in the price?

Our prices include our performance, our instruments and 1 x sound system suitable for up to 100 people (with the exception of the full band option).

When do you setup?

We set up and sound check before the event starts. Once set up, we do not move our sound system or instruments around the venue unless requested. However, we are happy to provide a second sound system for a small additional price in order to have the flexibility to perform in various places during an event.

Can we use your microphone for the ceremony?

If performing and providing the sound system for a ceremony, we are also happy to provide a wireless microphone and microphone stand for the celebrant if required.

Will you play my favourite song?

If booked to perform at your ceremony, we are happy to learn 2 additional new songs of the bride and grooms choice with 3 months advance warning.

Do you do the first dance?

We offer live music for your special first dance.

Can I add another instrument not on your website?

We work closely with many other wonderful musicians, so if you have a specific request for additional instruments such as Cello, Violin, Solo Saxophone etc, please do not hesitate to ask.

What do you wear?

The Gentlemen are always well dressed in suits and Lizzy in an appropriate dress for the occasion. Black tie and ball gown is available upon request.

Are there any extra costs?

Our prices include tax and travel expenses within a 50 km radius of Cannes. Performances further afield will be subject to additional travel expenses.


Please contact us with your specific needs or requests and we will provide you with an accurate quote for your event.